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Gun Policy News, 25 February 1998


25 February 1998


GROZNY — Chechnya's ministry for Shariah state security has been checking for arms the transport entering Grozny in early hours on Wednesday. The raids are a bid to enact a law on arms passed by the Chechen parliament in November. Grozny's central market, which briskly traded in any small arms and grenade-launchers on Tuesday, is idle. Deputy Prime Minister Kazbek Makhashev, who is in charge of power ministries in the government, told Itar-Tass today that a legal... (

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United Kingdom

25 February 1998

Times (UK)

Two police officers in the South Yorkshire force have been suspended from duty over allegations that compensation claims for large-calibre handguns outlawed after the Dunblane massacre were inflated. A civilian employed by the force has also been suspended. The Home Office halted payments after providing £570,000 to meet 524 claims in the... (

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