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Gun Policy News, 19 February 1998


19 February 1998


IZHEVSK — Russia's internationally renowned Kalashnikov automatic rifle has been registered with the International Patent Agency in Switzerland, sources in the Izhmash company, Russia's major producer of Kalashnikovs, told Prime Tass news agency on Thursday. From now on, all Kalashnikov producers are obliged to apply to Izhmash for a licence. Russia's priority in producing Kalashnikovs, which top the list of the world's most popular types of automatic rifles, has... (

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New Zealand

19 February 1998

New Zealand Press Association

WELLINGTON — The tradition of using cartoons to make satirical comment on topical issues has been strongly confirmed by the New Zealand Press Council. The council has not upheld a complaint by the New Zealand Shooting Federation against a Tom Scott cartoon which appeared in the Evening Post on December 12, 1997. The cartoon featured a depiction of an automatic rifle with the caption 'Take the drudgery out of blind carnage. Reach for a gun … it makes murder... (

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United Kingdom

19 February 1998

Telegraph (UK)

The government has lost the latest stage of a legal battle over delays in paying compensation for handguns confiscated after the post-Dunblane ban. A county court judge has upheld a shooter's right to sue the Home Office for payment on the grounds that it has taken an unreasonable length of time to process his compensation claim. A full hearing will now be heard which, if successful, could open the floodgates to thousands of similar actions from shooters still waiting... (

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