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Gun Policy News, 16 February 1998

United States

16 February 1998

Los Angeles Times

Orange County has been slow to test the nation's powerful gun lobbies by passing local laws restricting firearms, the latest political technique of gun-control groups that has swept through other cities in the state. But the county's few anti-gun groups have found a new approach to promoting their cause: gun violence as a public health problem rather than a political issue. Persuading local lawmakers and residents to regulate the free flow of handguns is a long... (

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16 February 1998


VILNIUS — A man went on a house-to-house killing spree and shot dead eight neighbours before he was beaten to death by survivors in a small village in Lithuania, police said on Monday. The dead, aged between 17 and 65, were four men and four women. "It seemed that he wanted to kill everyone in the village," said police inspector Cheslovas Girdzishka, giving details of the massacre in Drauchiu in the Shirvintos region some 50 km (30 miles) north of the capital... (

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