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Gun Policy News, 3 February 1998

South Africa

3 February 1998

Cape Argus (Cape Town), Editorial

CAPE TOWN — Capetonians under threat of gang violence are arming themselves, and in some areas licence applications are doubling each month Licensed guns for use in self-defence in the "old South Africa" were predominantly a luxury few people of colour were allowed — or could afford. They lived in communities where guns were forbidden to the law-abiding citizen and they proved the argument advanced by many pro-gun lobbyists around the world, namely: "If guns are... (

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3 February 1998

Prensa Libre Online

Guatemalan legislator Anabella Leon and other members of a multi-lateral commission in charge of verifying the progress of the UN sponsored Peace Accords sent a new bill on arms and munitions before the executive and legislative branches of the Central American nation. If passed into law it would require that: 1) All arms must be registered with a new department (DIGECAM) under the control of the Ministry of the Interior. This includes military, police and other... (

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United Kingdom

3 February 1998

US News & World Report

LONDON — A total ban on private ownership of handguns went into effect in Britain last week, the result of a public outcry over the 1996 massacre of 16 schoolchildren and their teacher by a crazed loner in Dunblane, Scotland. But it is not just the citizenry that wants a gun-free zone here. The police are equally anxious to keep firearms off the streets and, for the most part, see no way to do it except by leaving their guns at the station. According to a survey by... (

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