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Gun Policy News, 2 February 1998


2 February 1998

Kyodo News

A 15-year-old schoolboy was arrested Monday for attacking a police officer with a knife while attempting to steal the officer's gun in yet another act of teenage violence, police said. At around 12:15 a.m., the boy, a third-year junior high school student, attacked Yoshinari Yasuda, 54, a police officer who was patrolling Tokyo's Koto Ward on... (

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United States

2 February 1998

Los Angeles Times

Look around your kitchen, your office or your child's room: It's a safe bet that most of the appliances, furnishings, toys and office equipment came with labels or pamphlets warning of the hazards these products may pose to life and limb. Some may strike responsible adults as silly or self-evident — labels that caution against immersing an electric blow dryer in water, for instance. But the federal consumer protection laws that require these warnings are credited with... (

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2 February 1998

Associated Press

NAGANO — Sometimes, Stacey Wooley says, a biathlete just needs to be with her .22. To pick it up. To put it to her cheek. To squeeze off a few dry rounds. "You are better," Wooley said, "when you are one with your rifle." But for Wooley, from Newberry, N.H., and other Olympic biathlon competitors, Japan has turned into the land of the locked-up gun. Severe restrictions on all firearms in this country mean biathletes — whose sport is a mixture of cross-country... (

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United Kingdom,Scotland

2 February 1998

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Families of children killed in the Dunblane massacre have angrily denied that they are planning to sue the police. A small group of the parents of the 16 murdered children were reported yesterday to be planning to take legal action against the Central Scotland force for negligently granting and renewing a firearms licence to the killer, Thomas Hamilton. According to the Sunday Mail, the action will be raised after the second anniversary of the killings, which happened... (

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