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Urrutia, Nicolas, Miguel Ortegoa, Gustavo Andrade and An Vranckx. 2009 ‘Record-keeping.’ Arms Tracing: Perspectives on Control, Traffic and Use of Illegal Weapons in Colombia; Table 1.3, p. 9. Bogotá: University of Ghent, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, Fundación Ideas para la Paz (FIP). 1 November

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Record Keeping

[T]he Arms Trade Control Department - DCCA, a division of the Military Forces General Command, is in charge of studying and issuing permits to own and carry weapons for civilian use, and it has its own information system. Known as the Unified Automated National Weapons Archive, the system records the type, brand, caliber, and serial number of each weapon, and the identity of the person authorized to own it or carry it, as the case may be…(8)

[F]ewer than 340,000 of the weapons registered in the Unified National Archive had up-to-date permits in 2006…(10)


8) Bello Montes, Catalina, "El control de las armas ligeras: retos y desafíos para el nuevo milenio," Revista Criminalidad, Bogotá, Imprenta Nacional, 2005, Vol.III, p. 10.

10) UNODC, 2006, op. cit, p.48.

Table 1.3: Distribution of small arms and light weapons in Colombia


Army: 299,980
Naval: 41,186
Air force: 9,523
Police: 258,500
Total Security Force: 609,189…

Private ownership

Private individuals: 567,959
Collectors: 7,865
Sportsmen: 4,559
Total Individuals: 580,383

Total Private Security Companies: 82,283

Total State: 634,261
Total Individual: 662,666
Overall Total: 1,296,927

Source: Arms Trade Control Department reported by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2006

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