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Buchanan, Cate, Mireille Widmer et al. 2007 ‘Taking Weapons Out of Circulation: No monetary incentives to surrender guns in Argentina.’ Missing Pieces: A Guide for reducing gun violence through parliamentary action; Box 15, p. 105. Geneva: Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and the Inter-Parliamentary Union. 1 January

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In December 2006 the Argentinean Senate decided to pass into law a proposal to disarm civilians.

The programme declares a "national emergency" in terms of possession, manufacturing and trade in firearms, munitions and explosives. It provides for a gun collection programme, a ban on the import, manufacture and sale of replica guns, a national inventory of all guns (including those held by state agencies), a requirement that the military and police report to the parliament all lost or stolen guns, and the creation of both a national commission on small arms and a firearms policy consultative council, which will include experts from civil society.

The amnesty and collection programme will last for an initial period of six months and, unlike the buy-back schemes in Australia and Brazil, will not allow monetary incentives for the surrender of weapons. The results of this model of weapons collection are yet to be assessed, but it is hoped they will contribute to the growing body of evidence with regard to the effects of amnesty programmes and legal reform.

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