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Karp, Aaron. 2012 ‘Country Analyses: Colombia.’ Measurement and Use of Statistical Data to Analyze Small Arms in the Caribbean and Latin America; Section IV, pp. 19-20. Mexico City: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Center of Excellence, National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). 28 April

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The gun culture of Colombia has been studied about as carefully as any in Latin America. A series of reports show registered gun ownership rising rapidly, from a total of 706,210 registered firearms in 2006, to roughly 1.2 million registered in 2012.(36) Estimates of unregistered ownership are approximately proportional, at a rate of two to three times the rate of legal ownership. Estimates of unregistered firearms go up to 4 million, although a lower figure is used here.(37)

The right to carry a gun is a prominent element of the Colombia firearms culture. Carrying requires a license. The country has issued 662,666 carrying licenses as of 2006.(38) More recently there has been a reaction against public gun carrying, with a campaign led by Bogotá mayor Jorge Rojas Rodríguez to stop the practice, a campaign that seems to have reduced gun crime.(39)


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