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Australia. 1996 ‘Genuine Reason for Owning, Possessing or Using a Firearm.’ Special Firearms Meeting - the 'Nationwide Agreement on Firearms'; Section 3. Canberra: Australasian Police Ministers' Council. 10 May

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Genuine Reason for Owning, Possessing or Using a Firearm

Council resolved:

4. All jurisdictions to immediately implement a uniform system for regulating firearms collectors by means of the licence and permit system as follows:

(a) the firearms which are the subject of the collection should be of or above a defined age;
(b) firearms in a collection which have been manufactured after 1 January 1946 must be rendered inoperable;
(c) collectors may not possess ammunition for a collection firearm;
(d) no prohibited firearm may be included in a collection;
(e) any attempt to restore firearms in the collection to usable condition should be regarded as a serious offence and subject to severe penalties; and
(f) all operating firearms which are owned by the collector (ie those not forming part of the collection) should be subject to the same level of regulation as any other operating firearm.

[The APMC Resolutions are also commonly known as the 'National Firearms Agreement,' or NFA].

ID: Q971

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