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Australia. 1996 ‘Genuine Reason for Owning, Possessing or Using a Firearm.’ Special Firearms Meeting - the 'Nationwide Agreement on Firearms'; Section 3. Canberra: Australasian Police Ministers' Council. 10 May

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Genuine Reason for Owning, Possessing or Using a Firearm

Council resolved:

Section 3

2. All jurisdictions to immediately implement a uniform system of testing applicants for firearms licences such that each applicant must establish, to the satisfaction of the licensing authority in the relevant jurisdiction, that he or she has a "genuine reason" for owning, possessing or using a firearm. The classifications used to define "genuine reason" are as follows:

(a) sporting shooters with valid membership of an approved club (defined as participants in shooting sports recognised in the charters of such major sporting events as the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games or World Championships);
(b) recreational shooters/hunters who produce proof of permission from a landowner;
(c) persons with an occupational requirement, eg primary producers, their licensed employees, other rural purposes, security employees and professional shooters for nominated purposes;
(d) bona fide collectors of lawful firearms; and
(e) persons having other limited purposes authorised by legislation or Ministerial approval in writing (for example, firearms used in film production).

[The APMC Resolutions are also commonly known as the 'National Firearms Agreement,' or NFA].

ID: Q969

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