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Fleitas, Diego M. 2006 ‘The Problem of Firearms in Cono Sur: The case of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.’ El Problema de las Armas de Fuego en la Cono Sur: Los casos de Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay, pp. 67-72. Buenos Aires: FLACSO Secretaria General. 1 June

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The quantity of firearms and ammunitions imports during the 1990s was much higher than the Paraguayan necessities. The year 1995 has the record of U$D 12 millions. However around the decade end, imports fell dramatically thanks to a more restrictive policy of the Paraguayan government and market saturation. Thus, in 2003 imports were only U$D 1.2 millions, and ammunitions were 82% of them.

Paraguay has been pointed out as a place for arms trafficking and triangulation for gangs in neighboring countries and for the FARC in Colombia. Even, in 2004 a Bulgarian arms shipment was found in Turkey, when it was supposedly destined to a Paraguayan merchant in Asuncion.

Firearms control policies have notably improved and become more restrictive due to a modern legal framework passed in 2002, import restrictions, and a proactive attitude of the agency on firearms control (DIMABEL) …

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