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Dominican Republic. 1965 ‘Illegal Sale and Delivery of Arms (Venta y Entrega Ilegales de Armas).’ Act No. 36 of 1965 on the Commerce, Carrying and Possession of Firearms ; Chapter II (Article 20), p. 5. Santo Domingo: Official Gazette of the Dominican Republic. 18 October

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Ley No. 36, 1965, sobre Comercio, Porte y Tenencia de Armas

Artículo 20. Venta y Entrega Ilegales de Armas

Queda prohibida la venta y entrega de armas o parte de armas, municiones o fulminante sin la previa comprobación de la existencia de permiso de armas, municiones y fulminantes.


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Act No. 36 of 1965, on the Commerce, Carrying and Possession of Firearms

Article 20. Illegal Sale and Delivery of Arms

The sale and delivery of arms, parts of arms, ammunition or detonators, are strictly prohibited, without prior verification of the existence of a firearm, ammunition or detonator permit.

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