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Dominican Republic. 1965 ‘Prohibitions (Prohibiciones).’ Act No. 36 of 1965 on the Commerce, Carrying and Possession of Firearms ; Chapter 1 (Article 2), p. 1. Santo Domingo: Official Gazette of the Dominican Republic. 18 October

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Ley No. 36, 1965, sobre Comercio, Porte y Tenencia de Armas

Artículo 2. Prohibiciones

Salvo lo que se permite en la presente Ley, se prohibe a toda persona fabricar, importar, comprar o adquirir de cualquier modo, armas de fuego, piezas o partes sueltas, municiones, o fulminantes para las mismas, o tenerlas en su poder o bajo su custodia, o venderlas o disponer de ellas en cualquier forma, o portarlas.

Párrafo. También están comprendidas en la prohibición las escopetas de pistón o cartuchos construidos exclusivamente para fines de caza y que disparen perdigones.


Translated content:

Act No. 36 of 1965, on the Commerce, Carrying and Possession of Firearms

Article 2. Prohibitions

With the exception of what is permitted under the present Act, it is forbidden to manufacture, import, purchase or acquire any kind of firearm, pieces or loose parts, ammunition, or detonators for the latter; or own them, sell them or transfer them in any way, or carry them.

Paragraph. Percussion lock shotguns or cartridges, which are built exclusively for hunting purposes and which shoot pellets, are also included in the prohibition.

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