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Cuba. 2014 ‘Destruction of Firearms (Destrucción de armas de fuego).’ National Report of Cuba on its Implementation of the United Nations Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (UNPoA) and the International Tracing Instrument (ITI). New York, NY: Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations. 30 April

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Destrucción de armas de fuego

4. En Cuba no existen excedentes de armas pequeñas y ligeras. Las armas de este tipo que han perdido su valor de uso son destruidas. La destrucción se realiza de acuerdo a los reglamentos y normativas del MININT y del MINFAR, que incluyen, entre otros aspectos, el desarme total por piezas, la inutilización del tubo del cañón y la fundición completa del arma.


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Destruction of firearms

4. In Cuba there is no surplus of SALW. Firearms of this type that are no longer usable are destroyed. The destruction is done according to the rules and regulations of MININT and MINFAR, which include, among others, the total disarmament of the pieces, deactivation of the gun barrel and the smelting of the firearm.

[SALW = Small Arms and Light Weapons; MININT = Interior Ministry; MINFAR = Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces]

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