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Tuvalu. 1964 ‘Licences: How Obtained.’ Chapter 74: Arms and Ammunition Ordinance 1964 [Revised Edition 1990]; Section 6 (Part III). Funafuti: House of Assembly. 17 February

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6. Licences: How Obtained

(1) A licence for an arm and ammunition under this Ordinance may be obtained by application made in writing to the Chief of Police accompanied by the prescribed fee subject to the issue thereof being expressly approved by him.

(2) No licence shall be issued in the name of any partnership, company or corporation.

(3) No licence shall be issued or renewed unless the arm and ammunition in respect of which its issue or renewal is applied for be produced to a police officer and such officer is satisfied that the arm and ammunition are serviceable.

(4) Every licence shall expire on the 31st day of December next following the date of issue or renewal.

(5) Every officer who issues, renews or endorses as effective any licence under this Ordinance shall enter particulars thereof in a register to be kept at every police station where such issue, renewal or endorsement takes place.

(6) The Chief of Police may by endorsement thereon require as a condition of any licence that the photograph of the person named in such licence be kept attached thereto, and that the person named therein shall carry on his person such licence whenever carrying the arm in respect of which the same is issued.

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