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Virgin Islands (US). 1984 ‘Contents of License.’ Virgin Islands (US) Code; Title 23, Chapter 5 (Section 457). Charlotte Amalie: Office of the Code Revisor, Legislature of the Virgin Islands (US). 15 June

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23 V.I.C. § 457

A license issued pursuant to the provisions of section 454 of this chapter shall provide for the following:

(1) That the same is not transferable and shall be carried by the licensee at all times when in possession of the firearm for which it was issued;

(2) The term thereof, which shall not exceed three years;

(3) Places where, times when, and circumstances under which the firearm may be carried;

(4) Description of the firearm authorized to be carried, showing the serial number, if any;

(5) Grounds for issuance;

(6) Grounds for revocation;

(7) Provision that the owner of the firearm shall present the firearm annually on the anniversary of the date of licensing for inspection by the U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department (V.I.P.D.).

(8) A dealer's coupon which shall be removed and retained by any person who sells or otherwise provides the licensee with any firearm contemplated in such license.

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