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Virgin Islands (US). 1968 ‘Conditions for Dealers' Operations; Records of Transactions.’ Virgin Islands (US) Code; Title 23, Chapter 5 (Section 465). Charlotte Amalie: Office of the Code Revisor, Legislature of the Virgin Islands (US). 11 July

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23 V.I.C. § 465

Any person, to whom a license has been issued under section 461 of this chapter may engage in the business of gunsmith1 or of dealer in firearms and/or ammunition under the following conditions.

(1) The business shall be operated only on the premises specified in the license.

(2) The license, or a copy thereof, certified by the authority issuing the same, shall be posted in the establishment so that it may be easily read.

(3) Under no circumstance shall a weapon or shall ammunition be sold unless the vendor is personally acquainted with the buyer or the latter clearly establishes his identity.

(4) A record in triplicate shall be kept of each firearm sold and of each sale of ammunition, on books devoted to this purpose which shall be printed in the manner prescribed by the Commissioner and the record of each sale shall be personally signed by the buyer and by the person making the sale, each in the presence of the other; and such record shall set forth the day and hour of the sale, caliber, manufacture, model and factory number of the weapon, caliber mark, and quantity of ammunition, the name, birthplace, address and occupation and the buyer. Said record shall also contain a thumb-print of the buyer and shall also set forth whether the buyer is personally known to the vendor, and in case he should not be the manner in which the buyer established his identity. The vendor shall transmit a copy of such record by registered mail, within 24 hours following the sale, to the Commissioner; he shall send the duplicate within 48 hours following the sale to the Attorney General and shall keep the triplicate for six years.

(5) A licensee, if limited to the business of a gunsmith, shall not be required to forward reports of the work performed under said license, but shall maintain at his place of business an accurate and legible accounting of the nature and type of the jobs or work performed, together with a name and address of the customers, a description of the firearm, including the serial number which accounting shall be available as required by the Commissioner.

(6) The licensee may not place or cause to be placed any firearm or ammunition in any window display visible from any street or sidewalk.

(7) The licensee shall keep all firearms in a securely locked place except when being shown to a customer or being repaired or lawfully transported.

(8) The licensee may not knowingly employ anyone in the licensees' business or establishment through which the licensee operates the business pursuant to this chapter, if such person would not be eligible to register a firearm.

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