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Turks & Caicos. 2009 ‘Fees for Licence.’ Firearms Ordinance, Revised Edition of 2009; Chapter 18.09 (Schedule 2), p. 23. Cockburn Town: Law Revision Commissioner. 31 August

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Fees for Licence
Schedule 2 (Section 9(3))

Licence to keep firearms, for each firearm described therein

Revolver: $100.00
Pistol 25 calibre, 32 calibre, 380 calibre: $100.00
Semi-automatic pistol 9mm calibre: $200.00
Automatic pistol 9mm calibre: $400.00
Semi-automatic pistol 45 calibre: $200.00
Automatic pistol 45 calibre: $400.00
12 gauge shot gun standard: $200.00
Automatic or semi-automatic shot gun: $400.00
Rifle standard: $200.00
Automatic or semi-automatic rifle: $400.00…

[Editor's Note: Although a licence fee for possession of an automatic rifle is provided for, such weapons are prohibited under Chapter 18.09, Section 27(1)(a)1]

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