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Marshall Islands. 1971 ‘Prohibited Acts.’ Weapons Control Act (1971), Revised 2004; Article 1323. Majuro: Nitijela. 1 January

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Article 1323

(1) No person shall:
(a) knowingly remove, obliterate or alter the importer's or manufacturer's serial number of any firearm;
(b) knowingly deface, alter or destroy an identification card;
(c) acquire, possess or use any firearm silencer or muffler;
(d) carry any gun or dangerous device while under the influence of alcohol or narcotic or other disabling drug;
(e) import, sell, transfer, give away, purchase, possess or use any handgun, automatic weapon, rifle larger than .22 caliber, shot gun larger than .410 gauge, or any other firearm;
(f) board or attempt to board any commercial aircraft while carrying any firearm, dangerous device or ammunition, either on his person or in his carry on luggage; or
(g) use or attempt to use any firearm, dangerous device, or ammunition in connection with or in aid of the commission of any crime against the laws of the Republic, except those set forth under other provisions of this Chapter.

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