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Czech Republic. 2014 ‘Data Provision.’ Act on Firearms and Ammunition, as amended; Part One, Title X (Section 73), p. 59. Prague: Parliament and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. 1 July

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Section 73: Data Provision

(1) The Ministry, the police or an embassy or a consulate of the Czech Republic shall provide data from information systems maintained under this Act if so stipulated by a special legal regulation or an international agreement which is part of the national legal framework.

(2) The Ministry shall provide from information systems of examining commissionaires the police with data necessary for designating examining commissionaires for supervising the qualifications examination.

(3) The police shall be authorised to provide dealers whose business consists in firearms and ammunition and who purchase, sell, accept or search for orders, provide firearms or ammunition to others or who intermediate the acquisition, sale or provision of firearms and ammunition with numbers of lost or stolen firearm permits or firearm licences.

(4) The Police Presidium shall supply necessary information which it has available

a) on the transportation of firearms and ammunition to a Member State to the territory of which or through the territory of which such firearms or ammunition are to be transported; they shall supply information on the transportation of firearms and ammunition carried out by natural or legal persons who are not established in the Czech Republic not later than during the transportation itself;
b) on the issue of authorisation to acquire or possess firearms of category B, to a Member State, if the person authorised has a place of residence in the member State concerned;and
c) on acquiring a firearm of category C, to a Member State if the person who acquired such firearm has a place of residence in the member State concerned.

(5) An embassy or a consulate of the Czech Republic shall forward necessary information on issued firearm letters of conveyance to the Police Presidium.

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