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Czech Republic. 2014 ‘Registration of Firearms and a Firearm Certificate.’ Act on Firearms and Ammunition, as amended; Part One, Title VI (Section 41), pp. 36-37. Prague: Parliament and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. 1 July

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TITLE VI: Registration of Firearms and a Firearm Certificate

Section 41

(1) Each firearm of categories A,1 B2 or C3 shall be registered; this obligation shall not apply to prohibited ammunition.

(2) The relevant police unit shall register a firearm referred to in paragraph 1 on the basis of notification on acquisition and subsequent submission of a firearm. A firearm certificate, which is a public instrument, shall be a document on firearm registration.

(3) The relevant police unit shall not register a firearm in the case of a firearm which

a) is subject of proving under a special legal regulation unless a proof mark has been affixed; or
b) a categories A, B or C firearm which a person stipulated in Section 42 (1) is not authorised to acquire, possess or carry.

(4) The relevant police unit shall request the firearm holder to submit his/her firearm to be proven by the Czech Proof House for Firearms and Ammunition in accordance with a special legal regulation or the firearm shall be submitted if there is a reasonable suspicion, arising during its registration or check, that the firearm is in poor working condition which could lead to its destruction. When sending a request the relevant police unit shall suspend the registration procedure. The firearm holder shall be obliged to submit the firearm to the Czech Proof House for Arms and Ammunition within 20 working days from the date of the due delivery of the request; after the check has been completed the holder shall be obliged, within ten working days from the receipt of the firearm from the Czech Proof House for Arms and Ammunition, to submit the firearm concerned to the relevant police unit for another check. On the basis of the data stated in the protocol which was drawn up after the check or proof of a firearm by the Czech Proof House for Firearms and Ammunition the relevant police unit shall issue a new firearm certificate and at the same time it shall withdraw the current firearm certificate.

(5) A firearm holder whose firearm was not registered by the relevant police unit under paragraph 3 (a) or (b) or where registration procedure was suspended, shall be obliged to proceed in accordance with this Act (Section 64).

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