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Czech Republic. 2014 ‘Reliability of a Natural Person.’ Act on Firearms and Ammunition, as amended; Part One, Title IV (Section 23), pp. 17-18. Prague: Parliament and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. 1 July

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Section 23: Reliability of a Natural Person

(1) A natural person shall be deemed not reliable under this Act if

a) his/her prosecution for an intentional criminal offence has been lawfully conditionally discontinued upon condition or where a final and conclusive decision was taken on conditional suspension of the motion for punishment and where a probationary period or a time limit within which it is to be decided whether the person satisfies expectations has not yet lapsed;
b) he/she provably abuses alcohol or provably abuses addictive substances; or
c) his/her conduct poses a serious threat to internal order and security and he/she has been adjudged guilty, by a final and conclusive judgment within the last three years, of having committed more than one minor offence relating to

1. firearms and ammunition;
2. the use of explosives;
3. protection against intoxication or a similar minor offence against smooth road traffic
4. the defence of the Czech Republic;
5. disrupting public order;
6. disrupting the coexistence of citizens;
7. property damage; or
8. agriculture, game keeping and hunting and fishing whereby the person intentionally without any authorisation breached rights concerning game keeping and hunting or fishing or whereby he/she intentionally hunted for game or caught fish out of season during wildlife protection.

(2) When applying for a firearm permit for group F or a firearm licence for group K1 a natural person shall be deemed not reliable if he/she was adjudged guilty by a final and conclusive judgment within the last five years for committing a minor offence relating to firearms, ammunition or explosives.

(3) The relevant police unit shall be authorised to request a municipal authority or an office of the State Mining Administration for data allowing assessment of the reliability of a natural person pursuant to paragraph 1 (c). The municipal authority and a relevant branch office of the State Mining Administration shall satisfy such request without undue delay.

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