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Czech Republic. 2014 ‘Application for a Firearm Licence.’ Act on Firearms and Ammunition, as amended; Part One, Title III (Section 10), pp. 6-7. Prague: Parliament and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. 1 July

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Section 10

(1) The holder of a firearm permit for group A or C1 or a firearm licence for groups A, F, G, H, I or J2 shall apply for an exception under Section 9 (2) on an official form, the specimen of which shall be set out in the implementing legal regulation. The application shall encompass the following:

a) the name, surname, maiden name, the date and place of birth and the place of residence of a natural person (hereinafter referred to as 'personal data'), or the name of business name, legal form, seat and identification number of the legal person (hereinafter referred to as 'data identifying a legal entity');
a) in the case of a natural person identification data relating to natural persons as stipulated by the Code of Administrative Procedure,(25) the maiden name and the place of birth (hereinafter referred to as 'personal data');
b) in the case of a legal person identification data relating to legal persons as stipulated by the Code of Administrative Procedure (25) (hereinafter referred to as the 'data identifying legal persons');
c) the type of the firearm, firearm manufacturer's trademark, model, calibre and serial number of the firearm, if the applicant is aware of it (hereinafter referred to as 'firearm data');
f) the type of prohibited ammunition, ammunition manufacturer's trademark, the calibre and the amount of ammunition in the case of an application for an exception to acquire and possess or to carry prohibited ammunition;
e) the type of prohibited accessory of the firearm and its description or a serial number;
f) the number of the firearm permit or firearm licence; and
g) the reason for granting the exception and the particular purpose in relation to conducted activities.

(2) Applications must be filed with the regional police directorate having competence over the place of residence of the respective natural person or the seat of legal entity (hereinafter referred to as the 'relevant police unit').

(3) The holder of a firearm permit for group A whose place of residence is in a Member State of the European Union, in any other state under the Agreement on the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation (hereinafter referred to as a 'Member State') shall be obliged to submit the consent of the Member State to such an exception under paragraph 1 or a statement indicating that such consent is not deemed to be necessary, translated into the Czech language by a certified interpreter recorded in the Register of Forensic Experts and Interpreters.


25) Section 37 (2) of Act No. 500/2004 Coll., the Code of Administrative Procedure as amended by Act. No, 227/2009 Coll.

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