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Karp, Aaron. 2006 ‘Trickle and Torrent: State Stockpiles.’ Small Arms Survey 2006: Unfinished Business, p. 50. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1 July

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In the case of Ukraine, incredible munitions dumps -- estimated by NATO and the Ukraine armed forces to include 2.5 million tons of ammunition and equipment -- remain from the military preparations of a country that no longer exists (Chivers, 2005).

Ukraine did not deliberately choose after independence in 1991 to be responsible for at least seven million military small arms.

With a military establishment authorized at 272,000 personnel (and a normal reserve component of one million, according to the IISS), it has no use for so much equipment.

Its current military doctrine stresses border security, peacekeeping, and collective security by professional soldiers, not desperate arming of the countryside to repel non-existent invaders.

Its vast small arms collection was an unsought burden, much like the Soviet ballistic missile industry and the rest of its largely uncounted military stockpiles.

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