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Cross, Peter, Rick de Caris, Ettienne Hennop and Angus Urquhart. 2003 ‘Trade (Record Keeping) - Botswana.’ The Law of the Gun: An Audit of Firearms Control Legislation in the SADC Region, p. 35. London: SaferAfrica and Saferworld. 1 June

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Arms and Ammunition Act, 1981

Art. 16
For the purpose of this Act, the Commissioner shall keep or cause to be kept in the prescribed form a register of all dealers in arms and ammunition.

Art. 18
(1) Every registered arms dealer shall keep a register of transactions relating to his business as a dealer (in this section referred to as a "dealer's register"), including the sale, transfer, repair, test or proof of arms and ammunition, and shall enter therein such particulars as may be prescribed.

(2) Every registered arms dealer shall on demand allow any licensing officer to enter his place of business and inspect all stock in hand, and shall on request by that officer produce for inspection his dealer's register.

(3) Every registered arms dealer shall render punctually to the Commissioner such reports and returns as may be prescribed.

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