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McKenzie, Katharine. 1999 ‘Malawi: Domestic Gun Control Policy.’ Domestic Gun Control Policy in Ten SADC Countries; 4.4.1, p. 14. Johannesburg: Gun Free South Africa. 1 September

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Section 9 of the legislation enables the Minister to exercise discretion in deciding whether to grant a firearm licence.

The Act stipulates that licences may not be issued to "a person of intemperate habits or unsound mind" or "a person for any reason unfitted to be entrusted with such firearm and ammunition".

The law does not prohibit any person with a criminal record from acquiring a firearm licence, but says that the Minister, "may decide to grant or refuse to grant any such approval, and his decision thereon shall be final and shall not be subject to appeal, or question by any court of law, and the Minister shall not be required to assign any reason for such decision".

Section 12(g) of the Act allows a "night watchman" to carry a weapon which has been licenced to the property owner. The legislation makes the carrying of an illegal firearm subject to a 14 year sentence.

Dealers licences are issued annually and dealers are required to deliver a return every six months to the Registrar indicating all transactions which have occurred in that period…

Wood and Sunde report that the Director of Public Prosecutions has written to all magistrates and police to encourage them to use the Preservation of Public Order Regulations that prohibit the possession of unlicensed firearms and also provide for a maximum sentence of 14 years for illegal possession of a firearm.

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