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Leaõ, Ana. 2004 ‘National Firearm Stockpiles.’ Hide and Seek: Taking Account of Small Arms in Southern Africa, pp. 96-97. Pretoria: Institute for Security Studies. 1 October

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It was reported that between 1992 and 1994 over 200,000 weapons were collected by ONUMOZ and the Mozambican authorities, of which only 24,000 were destroyed.(3) The remaining 180,000 became the responsibility of the new Mozambican armed forces, which did not have the capacity to manage such a stockpile.(4)

Defence officials interviewed during the research process suggested that the Mozambican armed forces are over-armed, but were unable to provide further details as the manual weapons and equipment register was deemed to be inaccurate.

According to the Strategic Plan of the Mozambican Police (PRM), the police "have enough armaments for current personnel, however, the characteristics of these armaments are not adequate to maintain law and order…"…(5)

Police personnel are issued with pistols during day patrols and automatic firearms for night duties.

[ONUMOZ = United Nations Operation in Mozambique]


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