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Vanuatu. 1988 ‘Notice of Ports and Places of Import.’ Firearms (Statutory Orders) 1988 [Cap 198]; Extraordinary Gazette. Port Vila: Parliament of Vanuatu. 27 June

Relevant contents

Prohibited Imports

2. The following firearms and ammunition shall not be imported into Vanuatu —

(a) automatic firearms, that is firearms which are so designed or adapted that if pressure is applied to the trigger, missiles continue to be discharged until pressure is removed from the-trigger or the magazine containing the missiles is empty;

(b) semi-automatic firearms, that is firearms other than automatic firearms as specified in paragraph (a), which when fired eject the spent round and refill the breach;

(c) pistols and revolvers of all types;

(d) firearms and ammunition of the following calibres —

.300, .303, .38 and .45 inches, and 7.62 and 9 millimetres;

(e) any weapon of whatever description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing; and

(f) any ammunition containing or designed or adapted to contain any such noxious thing.

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