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Feinstein, Dianne. 2005 ‘Introduction of the Fifty Caliber Sniper Weapons Regulation Act of 2005.’ US Congressional Record -- Senate; Vol. 151 (Issue 54, Book II, Pt. 6), p. S4552. Washington, DC: Congressional Record of the United States. 28 April

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Introducing the Fifty Caliber Sniper Weapons Regulation Act of 2005
Senator Dianne Feinstein, for herself and for Senators Corzine and Durbin

S. 935. A bill to regulate .50 caliber sniper weapons designed for the taking of human life and the destruction of materiel, including armored vehicles and components of the Nation's critical infrastructure; to the Committee on Finance…

According to a Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Model 82A1 .50-caliber sniper rifle brochure:

"The cost effectiveness of the Model 82A1 cannot be overemphasized when a round of ammunition purchased for less than ten U.S. dollars can be used to destroy or disable a modern jet aircraft. The compressor sections of jet engines or the
transmissions of helicopters are likely targets for the weapon, making it capable of destroying multimillion dollar aircraft with a single hit delivered to a vital area."

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