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Australia. 2008 ‘Underlying Cause of Death, All Causes, Australia, 1997-2006 - Justifiable Gun Homicides.’ Causes of Death, Australia, 2006; 3303.0, Table 1.1 (Chapter XX). Canberra: Australian Bureau of Statistics. 14 March

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Chapter XX External causes of morbidity and mortality

Legal Intervention (Y35)1
[aka 'Justifiable Gun Homicides']

2006: np
2005: np
2004: np
2003: np
2002: 10
2001: 4
2000: 5
1999: 4
1998: 7
1997: 7

-: nil or rounded to zero (including null cells)
np: not available for publication but included in totals where applicable, unless otherwise indicated.

All causes of death data from 2006 onward are subject to a revisions process - once data for a reference year are 'final', they are no longer revised. Affected data in this table are: 2006-2009 (final), 2010 (revised), 2011 (preliminary). See Explanatory Notes 29-33 and Technical Notes, Causes of Death Revisions, 2006 in Causes of Death, Australia, 2010 (cat. 3303.0) and Causes of Death Revisions, 2009 and 2010 in this publication.

For 2006-2011 data, cells with small values have been randomly assigned to protect the confidentiality of individuals. As a result, some totals will not equal the sum of their components. Cells with a zero value have not been affected by confidentialisation. For all other years, data has been confidentialised through cell suppression.

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