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State of Louisiana. 2013 ‘Louisiana Revised Statutes and Constitution of Louisiana 1974.’ Louisiana State Legislature. Bâton-Rouge, LA: Louisiana State Legislature. 15 October

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Guiding gun control legislation in Louisiana includes:

- Louisiana Revised Statutes

Title 14: Criminal Law

RS 14:69.1: Illegal possession of stolen firearms
RS 14:94: Illegal Carrying and Discharge of Weapons
RS 14:95: Illegal carrying of weapons
RS 14:95.1: Possession of firearm or carrying concealed weapon by a person convicted of certain felonies
RS 14:95.1.1: Illegally supplying a felon with a firearm
RS 14:95.1.2: Illegally supplying a felon with ammunition
RS 14:95.1.3: Fraudulent firearm and ammunition purchase
RS 14:95.2: Carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon by a student or nonstudent on school property, at school-sponsored functions, or in a firearm-free zone
RS 14:95.2.1: Illegal carrying of a firearm at a parade with any firearm used in the commission of a crime of violence
RS 14:95.2.2: Reckless discharge of a firearm at a parade or demonstration
RS 14:95.3: Unlawful use of body armor
RS 14:95.4: Consent to search; alcoholic beverage outlet
RS 14:95.5: Possession of firearm on premises of alcoholic beverage outlet
RS 14:95.6: Firearm-free zone; notice; signs; crime; penalties
RS 14:95.7: Possession of or dealing in firearms with obliterated numbers or marks
RS 14:95.8: Illegal possession of a handgun by a juvenile
RS 14:95.9: Wearing or possessing body armor, by a student or nonstudent on school property, at school-sponsored functions, or in firearm-free zones

RS 32:292.1: Transportation and storage of firearms in privately owned motor vehicles

RS 33:4879: Purpose; firearms buyback program; authorization; city of New Orleans

RS 40:1379.3: Statewide permits for concealed handguns; application procedures; definitions
RS 40:1792: Possession of unidentifiable firearm; particular penalties; identification of source of firearm
RS 40:1798: Firearms; disposal by law enforcement agencies

- Constitution of Louisiana 1974

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