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CNMI. 2003 ‘Identification Cards.’ Division 2 Contraband Offences: Chapter 2 Weapons Control: Article 1 Weapons Control Act; Section 2204. Saipan: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. 5 December

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Section 2204. Identification Cards

(a) No person may acquire or possess any firearm, dangerous device or ammunition unless the person holds an identification card issued pursuant to this article. The identification card is evidence of the holder's eligibility to possess and use or carry firearms, dangerous devices, or ammunition.

(b) Identification cards are issued only by the Department of Public Safety pursuant to regulations made by the Department of Public Safety in the manner which is or may be provided by law. The identification card shall have on its face all of the following: …

(c) An applicant for an identification card shall make application for it on a form approved by the Department of Public Safety and supply any information necessary to afford the issuing agency reasonable opportunity to ascertain the facts required to appear on the face of the identification card, and to determine whether the applicant complies with all requirements of this article to possess, use, or carry firearms, dangerous devices or ammunition, as the case may be.

(d) No identification card may be issued until 15 days after application is made, and unless the issuing agency is satisfied that the applicant may lawfully possess and use or carry firearms, dangerous devices, or ammunition of the type or types enumerated on the identification card. Unless the application for use and possession is denied, the identification card shall issue within 60 days from the date of application.

(i) The holder of an identification card shall have it on or about his or her person at all times when carrying or using a firearm or dangerous device and shall display the card upon request of any law enforcement official. …

(k) Only a person who is a permanent resident of the Commonwealth or a United States citizen or a United States national and a bona fide resident of the Commonwealth is eligible for an identification card or for the renewal thereof. A bona fide resident of the Commonwealth means a person whose place of general abode is the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The place of general abode of a person means his principal, actual dwelling place in fact, without regard to intent. This exemption does not apply to tourists or non-alien contract workers. In order to be issued a weapons identification card for use of .223 caliber rifles, special conditions, as promulgated by the Department of Public Safety, must be met.

[*Note a minimum 15-day waiting period is mandated in this legislation]

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