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CNMI. 2003 ‘Law Enforcement Officers.’ Division 2 Contraband Offences: Chapter 2 Weapons Control: Article 1 Weapons Control Act; Section 2208. Saipan: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. 5 December

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Section 2208. Law Enforcement Officers

(a) Possession, use and carriage of firearms, ammunition and dangerous devices by law enforcement officers derives from the laws governing the powers, functions, and organization of the police and other organized forces of peace officers. Eligibility of law enforcement officers to possess, use and carry firearms, ammunition or dangerous devices while on duty is not subject to the holding of identification cards or any other qualifications prescribed in this article or in regulations pursuant thereto.
(b) Transfer of any firearm from or to a law enforcement officer or agency shall, except as provided in subsection (a) of this section, be subject to the provisions of this article and regulations made pursuant thereto.
(c) The head of a law enforcement agency of the Commonwealth shall furnish to the Department of Public Safety the names, ranks and badge numbers or similar identification of each person on his force who is authorized to possess, use and carry firearms in the course of official duty. Upon the occurrence of any changes in personnel to whom this subsection applies, the head of the law enforcement agency shall inform the Department of Public Safety.
(d) Whenever a law enforcement officer is not engaged in official duties, this article shall be applicable to him in the same manner and to the same extent as to any other person. …
(f) For purposes of this chapter the Commonwealth Ports Authority Police shall be considered to be a law enforcement agency, headed by a Chief of the Commonwealth Ports Authority Police. All officers employed by the Commonwealth Ports Authority Police are deemed to be law enforcement officers and shall have within the Commonwealth Port Authority premises, all the powers, authority and benefits that other law enforcement officers are accorded by law.

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