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Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. 2022 ‘Gun Dealers in Connecticut.’ Gun Sales. San Francisco, CA: Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. 25 June

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Dealer Regulations in Connecticut

In Connecticut, any person who sells ten or more handguns in a calendar year or is a federally licensed firearms dealer must have a state handgun sales permit to advertise, sell, deliver, or offer for sale or delivery, or possess with intent to sell or deliver, any handgun. The chief of police, warden of a borough, or first selectman of a town may issue a permit to sell only if the applicant holds a valid state eligibility certificate for a handgun or a valid permit to carry a handgun and submits documentation sufficient to establish that local zoning requirements have been met for the location of the sale.

Business organizations that sell firearms at retail must have a burglar alarm installed on their premises where 10 or more firearms are stored or kept for sale. The alarms must be connected directly to the local police department or a monitoring organization and must activate upon unauthorized entry or the interruption of the security system.

Any person, firm or corporation that engages in the retail sale of goods, where the principal part of such business is not firearms, may not employ a person to sell firearms in a retail store unless the person:

- Is at least age 18;
- Has submitted to state and national criminal history records checks which indicate he or she has not been convicted of a felony or a violation that would render her or him ineligible for a handgun certificate; and
- Has successfully completed a course or test approved by the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection in firearms safety and statutory procedures relating to the sale of firearms.

A person may not sell a handgun anywhere except the room, store, or other place described in the permit for sale of handguns, and the person must display the permit for sale "exposed to view" in the location identified in the permit.

Retail sellers of handguns must, at the time of transfer of a handgun, provide a written warning to the purchaser, in block letters at least one inch in height, stating: "UNLAWFUL STORAGE OF A LOADED FIREARM MAY RESULT IN IMPRISONMENT OR FINE."…

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