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Guam. 2003 ‘Identification Card - Restrictions.’ Public Law 27-61, Title 10, Chapter 60 - Firearms; Section 60108. Hagatna: Guam Legislature. 22 December

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Section 60108 Identification Card - Restrictions.

(e) For purposes of this Chapter, the term concealed when used in connection with any firearm whatsoever shall mean a firearm which is carried on a person or within a vehicle in such a manner that it cannot be seen by the naked eye, but would be available for use by the person concealing or attempting to conceal the firearm or any other person aware of the firearm's existence.

A firearm is not concealed when it is within a locked portion of any vehicle, unloaded, with the ammunition stored outside of the firearm or any clip or ammunition storage chamber attached to the firearm, and outside of the immediate reach of the person so placing the weapon or any other person knowing of its existence.

A firearm is concealed if, among other things, it is hidden beneath any article of clothing so that only the shape is visible, but not the firearm itself.

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