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Guam. 2003 ‘Identification Card - Restrictions.’ Public Law 27-61, Title 10, Chapter 60 - Firearms; Section 60108. Hagatna: Guam Legislature. 22 December

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Section 60108 - Restrictions

(b) No person shall be issued an identification card:
(1) Who has been convicted by any court of the United States, a state, territory, possession, trust territory or political subdivision thereof of any felony; or
(2) Who is an alien, except temporary permits may be issued to aliens for use only at target ranges operated by persons possessing permits therefor and who are citizens, or only for use at authorized sporting events and except for official representatives of foreign governments in their official capacities; or
(3) Who is presently charged by information or indictment with any crime stated in (b)(1) above; or
(4) Who has been adjudicated incompetent, has been committed to any mental institution; or
(5) Who is under the age of eighteen (18) years; or
(6) Who has been convicted of any violation of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act or any misdemeanor where personal injury or use of firearms was an element or factor of the offense unless the Chief of Police has determined that the offense was committed more than ten (10) years previously and that the applicant would not endanger the public safety by receiving an identification card; or
(7) Who, in the determination of the Chief of Police appears to suffer from a physical or mental disease or defect which would adversely affect the safe use of the firearm applied for, unless the person obtains a certificate from a licensed physician stating that the physical or mental disease or defect would not adversely affect his safe operation of the firearm or the public safety.

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