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UK. 2013 ‘Domestic Violence - Removal of Firearms or Shotguns and Continuous Review.’ Guide on Firearms Licensing Law. London: Home Office. 31 July

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Removal of firearms or shotguns

11. When considering renewal applications or reviewing fitness following any incident that has come to light, chief officers must consider the necessity for action to remove firearms, ammunition and certificates in the interests of preventing avoidable or foreseeable harm. Where it is considered necessary to remove such items, enquiries may be necessary with the applicant, their partner/spouse, GPs, and any other relevant party (family, friends, or statutory agencies) to gather best evidence enabling a chief officer to make an informed decision on revocation.

12. When considering removal and revocation of firearms, ammunition and certificates, it is vital that partners/spouses are safeguarded against potential retribution, even if there is a lack of cooperation from them.

Continuous review

13. Forces must have appropriate measures in place to monitor any activity of a certificate holder or associates that has come to the notice of police. This is to ensure that all relevant information and intelligence is readily available for continuous assessment of the suitability of an individual to possess firearms or shotguns. It is crucial that chief officers act robustly, specifically around domestic incidents and violence, to avoid preventable harm by the potential misuse of firearms or shotguns. A review on the continued suitability of a firearm or shotgun certificate holder should take place following an incident of domestic violence or abuse.

14. Chief officers should also consider danger to public safety or the peace, including arrangements for storage of the firearm/shotgun/ammunition where the certificate holder is a victim of, or a witness to, domestic violence or abuse in the family home. Any household which is in domestic turmoil is unlikely to be a suitable place for firearms to be stored.

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