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Brady Campaign. 2010 ‘State Scorecard 2009.’ State Gun Laws: Find Out Where Your State Ranks in Strong Gun Laws and Learn About Those Laws. Washington, DC: Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. 18 February

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State Scorecard 2009

Most states have weak or non-existent gun laws, helping feed the illegal gun market and allowing the sale of guns without background checks including at gun shows, according to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Forty-three states fail to close the loophole that allows criminals to buy guns at gun shows without Brady background checks.

Scores range from the first-ever "zero," earned by Utah, to 79 for California…

California maintained the top spot with the nation's strongest gun laws. New Jersey maintained its number two ranking and jumped ten points (to 73 points) by passing legislation to stop bulk purchases of handguns…

2009 Brady Campaign State Scorecard

State: Overall points (100 points)

Alabama: 16
Alaska: 2
Arizona: 2
Arkansas: 4
California: 79
Colorado: 15
Connecticut: 53
Delaware: 21
Florida: 6
Georgia: 8
Hawaii: 42
Idaho: 2
Illinois: 28
Indiana: 6
Iowa: 14
Kansas: 7
Kentucky: 2
Louisiana: 2
Maine: 11
Maryland: 52
Massachusetts: 54
Michigan: 23
Minnesota: 15
Mississippi: 6
Missouri: 4
Montana: 4
Nebraska: 8
Nevada: 9
New-Hampshire: 9
New-Jersey: 73
New-Mexico: 4
New-York: 50
North-Carolina: 19
North-Dakota: 4
Ohio: 11
Oklahoma: 2
Oregon: 17
Pennsylvania: 25
Rhode-Island: 45
South-Carolina: 10
South-Dakota: 4
Tennessee: 8
Texas: 9
Utah: 0
Vermont: 8
Virginia: 17
Washington: 17
West-Virginia: 4
Wisconsin: 10
Wyoming: 10

[Editor's Note: These rankings are subjective, and rely on the authors' assessment of effective regulation to prevent armed violence.]

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