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Northern Ireland. 2005 ‘Security of Firearms and Ammunition (Transport Regulations).’ Guidance on Northern Ireland Firearms Controls 2005; Sections 42-43 (Appendix 10), pp. 124-125. Belfast: Northern Ireland Assembly. 1 February

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Consideration for certificate holders transporting firearms in vehicles

42. When a person is carrying firearms and ammunition in a vehicle, he must take the following steps to ensure their safe custody -

(a) They should be hidden, preferably in the locked boot or other secured load carrying area of the vehicle, where practicable. Vehicles used frequently for transporting firearms should ideally have an immobiliser and/or alarm fitted, if they are to be left unattended.

(b) If the vehicle is left unattended for any reason, firearms should be concealed, preferably in the locked luggage compartment and, where practicable, an essential component such as the bolt or fore-end removed and kept in the possession of the responsible person. Where possible, ammunition should be stored separately from the firearm and this too should be concealed from view. The vehicle should be locked and any immobiliser or alarm should be set. If possible, the vehicle should be parked within the sight of the responsible person.

(c) In the case of an estate, hatchback or similar vehicle, and where the firearms are to be left unattended, the following recommendations should be considered -

i. The responsible person should ensure that the lid or cover of the load carrying area is in place and/or that the firearms are so covered or concealed to prevent their identification;
ii. Whenever possible the firearms and ammunition should not be stored together. Where the boot or load carrying area is the most practical place, ammunition should be secured in an appropriate container, ideally secured to the vehicle, if practicable;
iii. Wherever possible, the bolt, magazine or other vital operating part should be separated from the firearm and either carried on the person or secured or hidden in the vehicle, or kept in a locked container, ideally secured to the vehicle if practicable;
iv. If firearms are regularly carried in such a vehicle, provision should be made for securing them to the vehicle's structure. For example, security cases, cage, cable or clamp.

43. When firearms and ammunition are being carried on a journey which involves them being
kept away from their usual secure storage, the responsible person should ensure that they are
secure, as far as is reasonably practicable. When a firearm is being taken to venues involving
overnight stays or longer, consideration might be given to -

(a) obtaining accommodation which provides secure facilities (some country hotels offer this
service); or

(b) storing the firearm at the local police station.

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