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Northern Ireland. 2005 ‘Import and Export of Firearms (Firearm Tracing).’ Guidance on Northern Ireland Firearms Controls 2005; Sections 16-18 (Appendix 5), p. 109. Belfast: Northern Ireland Assembly. 1 February

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Weapons Information Exchange System (WIES)

16. The Directive has provided for a Weapons Information Exchange System by which member States are notified when any of their residents acquire or possess firearms in other member States. It is also used to notify every permanent or commercial movement of firearms from one member State to another. Each member State has a nominated national authority which transmits and receives this information to and from the other member States. The Home Office is the national authority for the UK. An EU State must be notified through the WIES each time one of its residents buys or permanently acquires a Category C1 firearm in another member State. It must also be notified if one of its residents possesses a Category B1 firearm in another member State.

17. In the case of transfers under the open "dealer to dealer" system, the dealer transferring the firearms/ammunition must declare this to his own designated national authority each time a consignment is transferred to another member State. The national authority must then transmit this information to any member States through which the consignment will pass and to the member State of destination, using a form corresponding to WIES 3.

18. Any notifications received about commercial movements of firearms to Northern Ireland will be passed by the Home Office to HM Customs & Excise. Those relating to the transfer of firearms/ammunition to a private individual in Northern Ireland will be passed to both HM Customs and Excise and to the police.

[The Directive = European weapons directive 91/477/EEC]

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