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South Africa. 2011 ‘Licence to Possess Firearm in Private Collection.’ Firearms Control Act 2000 (Act last amended in 2011); Chapter 6 (Section 17), p. 20. Cape Town: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa. 5 December

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17. Licence to possess firearm in private collection

(1) (a) A firearm which may be possessed in a private collection is any firearm approved for collection by an accredited collector's association, based upon such historical, technological, scientific, educational, cultural, commemorative, investment, rarity, thematic or artistic value determined by the association.
(b) Where a firearm is approved for collection as a heritage item as defined in the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act 25 of 1999), such approval is subject to confirmation by the South African Heritage Resources Agency or any of its appointed agents.

(1A) Despite section 4, such prohibited or restricted firearm as may be prescribed may be licensed under this section.

(2) The Registrar may issue a licence in terms of this section to a private collector if the application is accompanied by a sworn statement or solemn declaration from the chairperson of an accredited collectors association, or someone delegated in writing by him or her, stating that the applicant is a registered member of that association and qualifies to collect the firearm, prohibited firearm or restricted firearm.

(3) The holder of a licence issued in terms of this section -
(a) must store the firearm at the place specified in the licence; and
(b) may only display the firearm in accordance with such safety measures as may be prescribed.

(3A) Before a prohibited or restricted firearm is stored in terms of subsection (3)(a), it must undergo such reversible non-damaging procedure as may be prescribed in order to ensure that no cartridge can be loaded into or discharged from that firearm.

(4) A firearm in respect of which a licence has been issued in terms of this section may be used where it is safe to use the firearm and for a lawful purpose.

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