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Wepundi, Manasseh, Eliud Nthiga, Eliud Kabuu, Ryan Murray, and Anna Alvazzi del Frate. 2012 ‘Major Findings of the Study.’ Availability of Small Arms and Perceptions of Security in Kenya: An Assessment; Special Report No. 16, pp. 19-20. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, Kenya National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. 1 June

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Major Findings of the Study

This joint study by the Government of Kenya and the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey aims to assess small arms proliferation in Kenya (mapping their location, sources, and movements) and the capacity of various actors involved in small arms control and peace-building efforts in the country…

The major findings of the study are the following:

- Between 530,000 and 680,000 firearms may be in civilian hands nationally.

- Despite an overall perception of a reduction in the number of firearms nationally, some zones, including areas such as Mt Elgon and Rift Valley, where important disarmament initiatives have been carried out, have recorded a significant increase in gun possession since 2003.

- The period of violence around the December 2007 elections has left its mark on the population, with the majority of household respondents stating that they feel the most insecure during election periods.

- Approximately 20 per cent of household respondents were victims of a crime or an act of violence over the year preceding the interviews, but twice as many felt that there is a likelihood of their being a victim of violence and/or crime in the next year.

- More than one-third of those who were victims of crimes were confronted with a firearm.

- There is a discrepancy between the views of law enforcement agencies and civil society organizations as regards the effectiveness of current efforts to reduce firearm proliferation and increase security, with the former being more optimistic than the latter…

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