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Wepundi, Manasseh, Eliud Nthiga, Eliud Kabuu, Ryan Murray, and Anna Alvazzi del Frate. 2012 ‘Table 2.8: Estimated Cost of Firearms.’ Availability of Small Arms and Perceptions of Security in Kenya: An Assessment; Special Report No. 16, p. 59. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, Kenya National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. 1 June

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Table 2.8: Estimated cost of firearms (KES*)

Area: Type & cost of firearm - Cost of ammunition (per bullet)

AK-47: 35,000 - N/A
G3: 25,000 - N/A

G3: 40-60,000 - 100/150
AK-47: 60,000 - 100/150

AK-47: 4-6 cows (30,000/60,000) - N/A

G3: 50,000–70,000 - 50
AK-47: 30,000–40,000 - 150
M16: 45,000 - N/A

Tana River:
AK-47: 30,000/40,000 - N/A

Mombasa: Pistol:
15,000 - N/A
AK-47: 30,000 - N/A
Hire of pistol: 3,000 - N/A

AK-47: 10,000–40,000 (or a bull or two, depending on bull's size) - A bullet costs KES 5; the more one purchases, the lower the unit cost

Past daily rate for gun hire was 3,000, but cost may have gone up - N/A

Hiring rates depend on the use for firearm, e.g.
Use in residential area: 25,000 - N/A
For business person: 50,000 - N/A
For robbing a big premises: 70,000 - N/A
Hiring handcuffs: 2,000 - N/A
Cost was higher when bank robberies were more common

Mt Elgon:
AK-47: 15,000-40,000 - N/A

AK-47: 15,000-45,000 - N/A
There are cases of gun hire

*KES 84 = USD 1 in April 2011.
Source: KNFP and Small Arms Survey (2011)

[KES = Kenyan Shilling; USD = US Dollar]

[ converted prices to USD for an AK-47: Lowest price for AK-47: 10,000÷84= US$119.04; Highest price for AK-47: 60,000÷84= US$714.28. Conversion date: 18 April 2013.]

Source cited:

KNFP (Kenya National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons) and Small Arms Survey. 2011. Assessment of Small Arms and Perceptions of Security in Kenya. Database. Nairobi: KNFP.

ID: Q6661

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