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Abrahams, Naeemah, Rachel Jewkes and Shanaaz Mathews. 2010 ‘Legal v. Illegal Guns.’ Guns and Gender-based Violence in South Africa; Vol. 100 (No. 9), p. 587. Cape Town: South African Medical Journal (SAMJ). 1 September

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Legal v. Illegal Guns

A community-based sample of adult men showed that it was more common for them to possess an unlicensed gun (11%) than a licensed one (6%); …

While the population-based research suggests that unlicensed gun ownership is more common than licensed, crude measures of 'ever possessed' may not indicate gun access and ownership, because the duration of unlicensed gun ownership may often be shorter than that of legal ownership.

The illegal trading, network, markets and distribution of guns internationally and locally is complex, and diversions from the legal to the illegal markets are numerous, with large numbers of guns crossing national borders annually. The durability of guns makes their trade easy and policing a nightmare for countries such as South Africa with lax border and gun control.(9)…

Source cited:
9) Lamb G. 'Under the gun': An assessment of "rearm crime and violence in South Africa. Report compiled for the Office of the President, Pretoria, 2008.

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