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Kaiza, Peter. In: David Povey, Ed. 2008 ‘Table 2.04: Offences Recorded by the Police in Which Firearms Were Reported to Have Been Used, by Offence Group and Principal Firearm.’ Homicides, Firearm Offences and Intimate Violence 2006/07: Supplementary Volume 2 to Crime in England and Wales 2006/07; Chapter 2, p. 49. London: Home Office Statistical Bulletin. 31 January

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Table 2.04: Offences recorded by the police in which firearms were reported to have been used, by offence group and principal firearm

England and Wales, 2006/07 Recorded Crime

Principal firearm: Number of Homicides (1)

Long-barrelled shotgun: 6
Sawn-off shotgun: 3
Handgun: 27
Rifle: 2
Imitation firearm: 0
Unidentified firearm: 17
Other firearm: 1

All firearms excluding air weapons: 56

Air weapons: 3

Total: 59

[ breakdown by gun type: 6 shotguns + 2 rifles = 8 long guns; 3 sawn-off shotguns (legally 'pistols') + 27 handguns = 30 handguns; total non-airgun firearms = 56.]

1) These figures may not agree with those in the homicide chapter because (a) in this table, cases are included where the firearm was used as a blunt instrument and (b) the homicide figures are compiled at a later date and take into account the results of police and court decisions.

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