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Sudan Human Security Baseline Assessment. 2009 ‘Estimated Firearms Inventories in Sudan, December 2009.’ Supply and Demand: Arms Flows and Holdings in Sudan; Sudan Issue Brief No. 15 (Table 4), p. 8. Geneva: Small Arms Survey. 1 December

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Table 4: Estimated firearms inventories in Sudan, December 2009

Additional weapons held by civilians [9]

Among those residing in the North:
Strength: 31 million
Ratio of weapons to members: 4 per 100
Estimated small arms: 1.24 million
Note: State security forces and urban settings suggest low ratio.

Among those residing in the South:
Strength: 9 million
Ratio of weapons to members: 8 per 100
Estimated small arms: 720,000
Note: Prevalence of armed violence among pastoralist groups and lack of law and order suggest ratio could be higher.

Sources cited:
9) In the absence of reliable data, the population figures used here are rough estimates. According to disputed 2008 census results, the population of the North is 30.89 million, with 8.26 million in the South. The GoSS rejected the results on the basis that various populations, including in the south and the west, were deliberately under-counted. The Central Bureau of Statistics refused to share raw data with the Southern Sudan Commission for Census, Statistics, and Evaluation.

Notes for Table 4:
All figures have been rounded.
Source: Berman (2009)

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