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Florquin, Nicolas, Dauren Aben and Takhmina Karimova. 2012 ‘Control Measures: National Legislation.’ Blue Skies and Dark Clouds: Kazakhstan and Small Arms; Occasional Paper No. 29, pp. 22-26. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 1 May

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National legislation

Individuals may only purchase ammunition upon presentation of a valid licence to possess and carry firearms (RoK, 2000a, r. 86). Once registered gun owners obtain licences, they must:

- undergo training in the handling of small arms based on the curriculum developed by the MIA, if acquiring firearms for the first time (RoK, 1998,art. 15.4);
- register their firearms in an official database maintained by the MIA;
- place their firearms in a safety deposit box, a metallic cabinet, or any other storage device that makes it impossible for other persons to access licensed firearms (RoK, 2000a, r. 91);
- report any theft or loss of firearms in their possession (RoK, 2000a, r. 101); and
- renew their licences and permits in a timely manner(29).

Sources cited:

29) Permits for the possession, storage, and carrying of firearms are valid for five years, after which they can be renewed every five years (RoK, 2000a, rules 87, 90). Licences for purchasing firearms are valid for three months (RoK, 2000a, r. 85).

RoK (Republic of Kazakhstan). 1998. Law No. 339 on State Control over Circulation of Certain Type of Weapons. Assented to 30 December.

RoK (Republic of Kazakhstan). 2000a. Rules on Circulation of Weapons and Their Ammunition. Adopted by Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1176. Assented to 3 August.

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