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Florquin, Nicolas, Dauren Aben and Takhmina Karimova. 2012 ‘Main Findings.’ Blue Skies and Dark Clouds: Kazakhstan and Small Arms; Occasional Paper No. 29, p. 3. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 1 May

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Main findings include the following:

- Household survey results suggest that civilians in Kazakhstan owned between 190,000 and 225,000 firearms in 2010, which translates into a low per capita rate by international standards. Civilian firearms ownership appears more prominent among young men and in urban area; it also seems to be motivated by a perceived need for protection against criminals.

- Kazakh authorities report having collected and seized more than 60,000 firearms from civilians between 2003 and 2009. They also destroyed at least 20,000 civilian small arms during the same period.

- Kazakhstan's overall positive security outlook is clouded by an increase in crime rates since 2010, as well as recent incidents of armed violence with terrorist, ethnic, and political undertones.

- Although the country's homicide rate has decreased significantly since the 1990s, it remained above the world average, at more than 8 per 100,000, in 2010. The percentage of homicides and robberies committed with small arms has also increased in recent years, but it remains low when compared with rates elsewhere.

- The Ministry of Defence reported the destruction of more than 1.1 million rounds of surplus conventional ammunition between 2003 and 2009 (out of a declared total of 2, 5 million). The Ministry also reported destroying about 38,000 state-held small arms and light weapons between 2002 and 2006…

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