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St Vincent & Grenadines. 1995 ‘Section 17 - Discharging Firearm in Public Prohibited.’ Act No. 12 of 1995, Chapter 386, Firearms Act; Chapter 386, Part II, pp. 10-11. Kingstown: House of Assembly of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 17 October

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17. Discharging Firearm in Public Prohibited

1. A person shall not discharge any firearm or ammunition on […] any public road or in any public place except:

a) in the protection of his person or property or the person or property of some other person;

b) under the direction of some civil or military authority authorised to give such direction;

c) with the permission of the Commissioner of Police.

2. Where a contravention of subsection 1. occurs, a police officer may without warrant enter any premises on which he has reasonable cause to believe such contravention was committed and seize any firearm or ammunition found which he has reasonable cause to believe was used in such contravention and may retain such firearm or ammunition for the purpose of any investigation and where legal proceedings are implemented in relation to the offence, until such proceedings are concluded.

3. Any person who contravenes this section commits an offence and the burden of proof of the facts tending to establish that the discharge of the firearm was lawful shall be upon the person so asserting.

[Editor's Note: bracketed text was altered by the Firearms Amendment Act 2010.]

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