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St Vincent & Grenadines. 1995 ‘Section 15 - Exemptions.’ Act No. 12 of 1995, Chapter 386, Firearms Act; Chapter 386, Part III, pp. 9-10. Kingstown: House of Assembly of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 17 October

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15. Exemptions

1. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 14, a person may be in possession of a firearm and ammunition without a licence or permit where:

a) he is the holder of a Firearm Dealer's Licence in respect of any firearm or ammunition:

(i) being part of his stock in trade,

(ii) for the purpose of repairing, testing or proving, in the ordinary course of business;…

[ba) He possesses, carries or uses the firearm or ammunition whilst participating in firearm or ammunition training either at a place approved by the Board for the training in firearms and ammunition or at any other place and whilst under the direct supervision of a police officer designated for that purpose by the Commissionner, or an individual holding a Firearm user's Licence or Firearms Dealer's Licence.]…

e) he is an officer of Customs or any police officer in respect of the period during which the firearm or ammunition is retained by him pursuant to this Act;

f) any firearm is entrusted to him for storage under section 27; or

g) he possesses a firearm or ammunition by virtue of a certificate or permit issued to him by the appropriate authority:

Provided that no person shall keep a firearm or ammunition in his possession without a licence for a period exceeding seven days from the date of possession under section 1.c).

2. Subsection 1.g) relates to:

a) any person taking part in a theatrical performance or in the production of a cinematograph or television film;

b) any person at an athletic event who is responsible for starting the races;

c) any person conducting or carrying a miniature rifle range (whether for a rifle club or otherwise) or a shooting gallery, in respect of miniature rifles not exceeding 23 calibre and ammunition there for used at the rifle range or shooting gallery.

[Editor's Note: bracketed text was altered by the Firearms Amendment Act 2010.]

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